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600 language specialists in Québec City

Pascale Tremblay, Ph.D., is very passionate about the science of language. Ms. Tremblay is an Associate Professor at the Faculté de médecine – Département de réadaptation at Université Laval, where she teaches in the speech pathology program. Ms. Tremblay also organizes events, Québec City will play host to the 10th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language.

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What to do in Québec City during your convention in the summer

Are you an event planner organizing a conference or convention in Québec City during the summer? We’ve put together a hassle-free list of places to go and things to see based on the downtime you have before you leave. Even more good news, if your event is the Québec City Convention Centre and you are staying nearby, there are a myriad of close options for busy event planners and attendees looking to soak up at least a bit of Québec City’s unique vibe.

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How to boost attendee engagement with new event concepts

How can planners create events that are fresh, engaging—and even inspiring—for long-lasting impact? Frédéric Dallaire is an Event Designer at Freeman Audio Visual Canada and always has his ears to the ground for the latest trends in event concepts that will boost attendee engagement based on trends and best practices.

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International Math Conference to be held in Québec City

Hundreds of mathematicians and researchers in number theory will be attending the 15th Canadian Number Theory Association Conference (CNTA XV) in Québec City from July 9 to 13, 2018—an event that is one of the largest number theory conferences in the world. And the event promises to put Québec City on the international map of mathematics.

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