Québec City at its Best

7 Must-See Indoor Sites in Old Québec

Credit: Parliament Building, OTQ

Rainstorm or heat wave messing with your plans? When on vacation, it’s good to line up some alternatives in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. You’ll find plenty of activities for a rainy day or summer heat wave in Québec City. So put away that umbrella (or parasol) and find out what makes Québec City so unique.

1 Free Tours of Parliament

The halls of democracy

Walk the halls of democracy to learn about Québec’s parliamentary institutions and admire the sumptuous architecture and numerous works of art.

2 Observatoire de la Capitale

Get a bird’s eye view of Québec!

Observatoire Capitale Credit: CCNQ Geneviève Clavet Zoom

Discovering Québec City on foot is magnificent. Seeing the city from 221 meters up, well now that’s spectacular! The Observatory, or Observatoire, offers an incredible panorama of the city and surrounding area—a full 360° view to the horizon, with a new exhibition on Québec identity come summer 2016. In rare cases of zero visibility, the aerial city tour, a breathtaking virtual experience, will be a good option.

3 Battles: 1759–1760 at the Plains of Abraham Museum

A trip back in time to 1759!

Visit the front lines of a historic battle with an immersive show that will have you dodging cannonballs and yelling “Fire!” Experience the re-enactment of a major event that changed the fate of North America.

4 Guided Tour of the Château Frontenac

A landmark hotel reveals its secrets

Credit: Fairmont Le Château Frontenac Zoom

Québec City’s most iconic building has hosted some equally iconic visitors. Hear all about it on a guided tour of the Château, and learn about the architectural evolution of this prestigious establishment.

5 Musée de la Place Royale

New France: In the beginning…

Just a few steps from where Québec City was founded in 1608, you’ll learn more about its first settlers and the beginnings of New France.

6 The Old City Churches

Sacred beauty

Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral Credit: Daniel Abel Zoom

Open your heart to the beauty and architectural heritage of the churches in Québec’s Old City. Basilique-cathédrale Notre-Dame de Québec was the first Catholic parish church built north of the Spanish colonies, while Holy Trinity was the first Anglican cathedral erected outside the British Isles.

7 People of Québec…Then and Now – at Musée de la Civilisation

The exhibit for understanding Québec

Discover the events that forged Québec through 500 objects and testimonies that tell its story from early settlement to the present day.

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